Security Consulting and Training

Our Security Professional provides our clients with an array of services that will aid them in the analysis, training, and planning of internal initiatives. Advance Tactical Security provides comprehensive, objective, written reviews and analysis of client facilities, including their current security procedures. Our comprehensive consulting service provides our clients with an in-depth examination of their business’s current security status and provides detailed plans to aid them in developing security processes and programs that are in-line with the specific facility needs.

  • Physical Security evaluation
  • Bomb Threat program
  • Active shooter program
  • And more


Advanced Tactical Security Detective are Pennsylvania state-licensed investigative with over 25 years of investigative experience. We sincerely believe each individual has a right to the truth and ATS extends our services to a wide range of clients including corporations, small businesses, and private citizens. No job is to big or to small, for our investigators to partake in.

ATS helps our clients with investigations related to adultery, infidelity, cheating spouse, stalking, harassment, worker’s compensation, corporate espionage, and more.

Executive Protection

At Advanced Tactical Security (ATS) our protection professionals deliver the highest level of protection for our clients and their families. We offer an extensive range of protective services which allows our clients the ability to conduct their business without worrying about threats of personal assault, kidnapping or terrorist attacks. All of our protection professionals are highly trained operatives. Each protection professional is put through a widespread background check, and properly vetted to ensure that our client is always under the guidance of a qualified professional. Also, our protection professionals are in top physical condition and have extensive backgrounds in security, military and/or law enforcement training specific to their functional role within executive protection. At ATS we recognize that our client’s needs vary and as a result we have established a comprehensive methodology that will effectively meet the client’s demands and needs.

Advanced Tactical Security Firearms Training

No Matter what side of the debate you are on, one thing we all can agree on, if you own a firearm you should be trained with that firearm! Our professional staff is highly trained operatives from Law Enforcement, SWAT, military, and Special Operations. We teach individuals (one on one), and group sessions on how to select, secure, handle, and fire their selected firearm safely. We believe that proper firearms care and responsibility starts with appropriate training from professionals, and we offer the most highly trained professionals in the business. We teach these skills in a safe, and conducive learning environment. We focus on outstanding customer service and provide our clients with tangible results that will serve for a lifetime.

  • Individual Training
  • Group Training
  • Retired Police Officer H.R. 218