Andre L Henderson started his career in 1994 as a Pittsburgh Police Officer. In 1996 he joined the Special Weapons and Tactics team where he served as a team leader, and SWAT lead trainer. He conducted hundreds of SWAT operations, and developed policies and procedures. In 1998 he attended Hazardous Device School in Huntsville, Alabama where he completed a 5 week basic course and earned his Bomb Technician certification. He became Bomb Squad Commander in 2003, where he assumed the day-to-day operations of supervising the bomb squad. His primary duties included conducting training, maintaining equipment, scheduling personnel, investigations, developing policies/procedures and conducting field operations. He was a member of the National Bomb Squad Commanders Advisory Board (NBSCAB), which initiates and finalizes bomb squad policies, procedures and standardized training. Also he conducted special investigations for the chief’s office. In 2011 he retired from the Pittsburgh Police Department and immediately stated working for the Department of Defense as a contractor assigned to the United States Marines Corp (USMC) as a Law Enforcement Professional (Special Staff Officer). He was deployed to Afghanistan with the USMC were he conducted over 40 joint operational missions with his Afghanistan counter parts.

He has served in the US Army and Reserves Military Police Corp as a First Sergeant responsible for the welfare and training of a company element (150 soldiers), while deployed During Operation Noble Eagle. He was also task with developing a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) and Vehicle Access Control system (VAC) for Carlisle War College. He deployed to several hot spots during his military career (Honduras, Panama, Kuwait, Egypt) and deployed to Iraq in 2003 for Operation Enduring Freedom conducting security operations. In 2005 he retired from the United States Army Reserves.

His educational background includes a Bachelors in Administrations of Justice in 2005 and a Master degree in Criminal Justice and Security in 2008.

To summarize his professional experience, Andre has worked in varies settings that include but not limiting to local, state, federal, and foreign law enforcement agencies throughout the world.

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